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Terms and conditions

The digital news page The Super Quizz! (hereinafter, the “Super Quizz”) is owned by the company Agitação & Inspiração LDA, headquartered at Largo do Doutor Tito Fontes, 135 - Portugal.

These Terms and Conditions have been divided into categories and govern the use of the website and the application (commonly called the app) of O Super Quizz (hereinafter, the “Site”). Super Quizz! reserves the right to change the terms and conditions whenever necessary, advising, for this reason, regular consultations of this document.


1. Content and Property Protection

The Site's content means all the information contained therein, namely text, images, video, design, software and programming code. All this content is the property of O Super Quizz!, it is protected by copyright under Portuguese and European Union laws – so it cannot be used without the consent, expressly defined as such, of O Super Quizz, except for those purposes of private use permitted by law.

The intellectual property rights of all contents belong to O super Quizz, including, but not limited to, tools, information, graphics, photographs, advertisements, images and texts. These contents are protected by law and O Super Quizz! rejects any kind of abusive use of them. The improper use of these data will naturally entail the responsibility, including criminal, of the offender.


2. Access Procedure

Access to the contents of The Super Quizz! is universal and free, with the exception of certain content that The Super Quizz! understand that they are unique and exclusive compared to other media.

Access to the Site is differentiated into two types: unregistered users; registered users. The content available for consultation is different depending on the type of access that the user has.

  • unregistered users
    They can access all items available on the Site, including a limited number of Premium items. The Super Quiz! reserves the right to change the maximum limit of items at any time, both Premium and other items, freely accessible to unregistered users.

  • registered users
    Registered users are all those who register on the Site. The Super Quiz! reserves the right at any time to change the functionalities available to registered users, as well as the number of items, Premium and others, that they may have access to.

3. Registration Procedure

The registration is carried out by inserting the user's personal data, namely the user's email and name. Registering on the Site allows access to exclusive features of the Site, namely the ability to comment, save articles, comment on articles published on the Site, manage newsletter subscriptions, follow authors, topics and categories.

Registration can be done in one of two ways: you must connect directly through a social network (Facebook or Google), or by filling in the necessary personal data directly on the Site (name, email and password).

By registering and proceeding with the respective login, the user agrees to:

  • Accepting that this act means that you have read and understood the content of these Terms and Conditions, as well as the Privacy and Cookies Policy, available at

  • Give access to your essential personal data, if you fill it in directly on the Site, or to your personal profile on one of the mentioned social networks, if you choose to validate your access through Facebook or Google;

  • Accept that the user is responsible for the data that he enters in the act of registration and for their maintenance;

  • Respect the rules of the community where it operates, behaving with the civility and rigor that are recognized to members of O Super Quizz!;

  • Keep your personal and non-transferable record, not transferring it to third parties;

  • Don't Harm The Super Quizz!. nor any of its users, namely through the attempt to break the security of the system and/or the undue use of commercial or propagandistic messages;

  • Report to Osuperquizz! any misuse of the personal account, by sending a communication to the contacts indicated in point 10 of these Terms and Conditions.



4. Suspension of Access

The Super Quiz! reserves the right to interrupt access to its site whenever necessary and for as long as it deems necessary.

5. Suspension of Comment Boxes

The Super Quiz! reserves the right to remove comment boxes from its site whenever necessary and for as long as it sees fit.


6. Advertising/Sponsorship

The platforms of The Super Quizz! may contain advertising and other references to brands, products and/or services of a commercial nature. Advertisers and sponsors are responsible for ensuring that their promotional materials comply with applicable laws and codes – The Super Quizz! expressly declines any responsibility for errors or inaccuracies that they may contain.

Any relationship established between the user and advertisers or sponsors will be his sole responsibility, and O Super Quizz! cannot be held liable, except to the extent required by law.

7. Privacy Policy

To clarify your doubts about the privacy and data protection policies, click here:

8. Sponsored Content

O Super Quizz!, through its laboratory of content for brands O Super Quizz!, produces and publishes content sponsored by brands. These contents are developed by a team of specialized professionals who are independent from the O Super Quizz! but they have the same level of quality, creativity and rigor as editorial content. Are signed by The Super Quizz! and have the identification of the sponsored brand.


We also publish content native to brands, produced by them and under their full responsibility, marking these cases with the phrase “This content is authored by(…)”.

9. Contact for Clarification of Doubts

The Super Quiz! has a service to clarify questions related to the use of its platforms, including these terms and conditions. You can contact this service by mail, to the address Largo Doutor Tito Fontes, 135 or by email

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